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tked all night about rob. we mentioned before, sean payton, didn't even know him. sean telling us sterday didn't know h at all. talked to people, thfeedback was different than i expected. he's an outstanding staff guy, extremely loyal for players. sean spending the suended season in llas. saw the job that he did in dallas. impact. and it's all workingell. joe vitt right therehe long-time assistan mccown kneels down and that's going to dit from the superdome. jason garretand his team will go flying ho, take the bye week and then head to the meadowlands to take onhe gits. there it is,ost yards allowed by the cowboys in the story of the franchise. b, of course, exchanng greetings and pleasaries with a lot of the guys that he wound up coaching last year but it's all saints tonig after at one int dallas had a 10-lead, but the saints wind up winning the game by 32. 49-17 our final ore with the wendy's post-gamreport coming right up. announcer: welcome the wendy'post game report. here now, bob costas. >> behind us, of 41 performance, 4 tchdowns, no interceptions by drew brees. the sain
the day first set sail, millions of them have bn made with us. what will yos be? engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz wier event is bk, with the perfect vehle that'sust right for you, no matter whi list you're on. [anta ] ho, ho, ho,o! [ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 starting at just $29,900. >> al: looking at th over the break think it will be a touchdown. the calf or shin area goes down. another look at fasano in e end zo. >> cris: the shin, theip is down. any bo part. the hip is down before anything goes out of bounds. u can see it pretty well from this angle here. there's space, the thin shin is there. that's a touchdown. >> refereeafter reviewing the play with clear ssession, the left calf and the left h landedn the end zone prior to the ft elbow landing outf bods. good score. >> al: so great chalnge by id. it works, 56 remaining in regution and with the extra point forthcoming, ill be 27-17. >>ris: catch a break and now o knows? kind of inresting, like at this pot you have to think onside kick even though you have your timouts remaining. peyton, kin
tell you, if they play 16 straight times and they wanted us to do them all, i would do them all. it's a fantastic rivalry. >> al: so nine of the last ten, if this one holds, 22-20, will be decided by three or fewer points. pittsburgh takes its final time-out. baltimore can end the game on two kneel downs. >> cris: you have to think a little bit about the pittsburgh steelers now moving forward now with the rash of injuries they've got there on that last little series. >> al: they're going to be 5-7. they have three of their last four at home. right now you have denver, new england, indy and cincinnati as the division leaders. kansas city could be the number one wild card at the moment. baltimore would be number two as this game comes to a finish. the others are in a hunt. but a huge win for the baltimore ravens and a bitter loss to the pittsburgh steelers. as they head home and in a week and a half take on the miami dolphins, while the ravens try to get healthy as well and take on the minnesota vikings here. minnesota at detroit, new england and at cincinnati. as a reminder, remainde
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using a time-out here so they'll have two when they get the ball. >> cris: well, i hate to bring this up for a second time, but left-footed punters in crazy winds, left-footed punters by themselves are hard to catch. with the crazy winds, it is an uncertainty. >> al: another part of the equation, del rio can't take a chance with holliday trying to grab this one. allen gets the kick away and welker is underneath it and welker will field it at the 20 yard line. avoids a first tackler and then brings the ball back to the 33 yard line. coming up after the game, it will be the wendy's postgame report. michele on the field with the stars of the game. bob, tony and mike wrap it up, take a look across the lead. cris and i look ahead to our thanksgiving night matchup in baltimore with the steelers and the ravens coming up right after the game. so here's manning. and you know what he's going to do right now, it's real simple. 1:34. not only try to get them obviously into field goal range but take as much time off that clock and leave brady with nothing. >> cris: field goal range here is probably i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5